NEWS Texas beats Louisville to win NCAA volleyball championship

OMAHA, Nebraska — Logan Eggleston walked to the podium in a news conference after the Texas State volleyball season ended Saturday night.

This in itself is not unusual. Eggleston, who has been captain for the past four years, has long represented the Longhorns in end-of-season meetings with the media. As a sophomore in 2019, she had to find the right words to explain the Sweet 16’s debacle at Louisville. During the pandemic season, which ended in April 2021, she stared at a Zoom screen talking about the championship game loss to Kentucky. After Nebraska beat the Longhorns in the Elite Eight last season, she broke down talking about outgoing UT seniors Brione Butler and Sydney Peterson.

But on Saturday night, things were different.

Eggleston sat proudly on stage at the CHI Health Center, accompanied by head coach Jerritt Elliott and longtime teammate Asjia O’Neal. She wears ski goggles, a celebratory t-shirt and hat, and has a big smile on her face.

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