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15 Patient Advocacy Groups Join Patients Rising to Urge Congress to Recognize Value of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Medical Imaging

Washington, DC, May 13, 2024 –(– Today, Patients Rising, alongside 14 other patient advocacy groups, submitted a letter to members of Congress urging them to encourage the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to formalize a payment pathway for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in medical imaging.

According to the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), the FDA has approved or cleared over 700 AI-enabled medical devices, the vast majority of which are in radiology. These technologies aid doctors and other healthcare professionals in analyzing vast amounts of medical data to detect abnormalities, make informed diagnoses, and provide more precise treatments for patients.

Despite these benefits, CMS has only assigned payment for approximately ten medical AI applications, limiting access for those who can’t afford to pay out-of-pocket. “As physicians look to integrate FDA-cleared or approved AI tools into care pathways, it is essential that these technological benefits reach all patients, regardless of their location or socioeconomic status,” the letter read.

To expand patient access to these technologies, the letter called on Congress to urge CMS to formalize a payment pathway for AI and ML in FDA-regulated medical devices in the agency’s 2025 Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment Systems rule.

“Today, AI-enabled medical imaging devices can assist physician decision-making, allowing them to identify serious conditions at earlier, more treatable stages,” said Terry Wilcox, CEO of Patients Rising. “As part of Patients Rising’s mission to put patients in control of their healthcare decisions, we call on Congress to take action and ensure that all patients have access to these innovative tools, which promote early intervention and positive health outcomes.”

In addition to Patients Rising, 14 other leading patient advocacy groups signed on to the letter. For more information about Patients Rising and their initiatives, visit

About Patients Rising
Patients Rising is a leading grassroots patient advocacy organization seeking comprehensive policy solutions that puts the patient experience at the forefront of addressing America’s biggest healthcare access challenges.

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