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Lando Norris Left Shocked as Fan Thrashes Team’s Color at His Face

Lando Norris winning his first race meant interview after interview to get to know how he feels. While many interviews had the same format of people asking him about his race, there were some doing things differently, especially down at the BBC Radio 1’s Unpopular Opinion interviews where fans share their thoughts.

The McLaren race winner was called for a session of Unpopular Opinion after his GP victory where he got to interact with fans and hear their unpopular opinion. Things got exciting really soon as the first person voiced their opinion that she did not like McLaren’s iconic Papaya color, and Norris was lost for words.

Fan leaves Lando Norris baffled after calling McLaren’s merch the worst-colored


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The first unpopular opinion was by a female named Ellie and she said, “McLaren has the worst-colored merch in F1.” After hearing this, the host exclaimed, “Ellie, come on! We’ve got McLaren drivers sitting here.” But defending herself Ellie stated, “They’re my favorite team, and Lando is my favorite driver, but it’s just not the greatest color.”

After hearing this, Norris struggled to find words to say, but finally said, “Wow, the papaya, yeah?” To that, the host said, “The papaya Army is the thing,” Finally Norris responded with an, “Excuse me?”


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The fan started to defend herself further saying, “It’s just not my coloring. I mean, yeah, I guess it depends on your skin tone.” The host stated, ” Oh, I see. So, for you, it doesn’t work, is what we’re saying.” The fan agreed and added, “Yeah, but I think it doesn’t work for a lot of people as well.”

Norris had something to say about the Papaya Merch color too as he confessed, “Okay, I agree. It doesn’t work for me in the winter, but it does in the summer. As soon as my tan comes back, it’s actually, like the papaya, I can pull off. In the winter, I’m a little bit more afraid.”

In the end, Lando Norris looked relieved when he understood that Ellie meant that the merch color did not suit her. But what is her opinion on the Livery?


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Fan tells Lando Norris her thoughts on the McLaren Livery

After taking the conversation to when the host wore the Lando Norris fluorescent yellow bucket cap to the 2023 Silverstone race. They asked Ellie if she thought the car and livery looked good and she replied, “Yeah, the McLaren car is one of the coolest cars out there.”

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Ending the funny interaction, she stated, “You’re not thinking about me when you’re thinking about your merch,” which left Lando Norris in laughter. The iconic color of the papaya is what has ushered in a new era of McLaren, one that has two young drivers in their seats taking on the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.


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With Lando Norris’ first win, we might just get to see the 8 Constructors world champion team relive the glory. That being said, what do you think of the Papaya orange on the McLaren cars? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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