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The 2024 Men’s Health Grooming Awards

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Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. We may earn a commission through links on our site. Why Trust Us?

JUST LIKE EVERY year, our editors spent months testing hundreds of the newest grooming products to find the very best out ones there. But we quickly realized it’s not always about having just one. These days, we have options and we endorse using them to their full advantage. In 2024 grooming has gotten personal, so whether it’s having an arsenal of bar soaps at the ready or a collection of sunscreens, we’re using different products based on how we feel and what our bodies need. Grooming isn’t one size fits all so we encourage you to experiment, collect and create the best routine that fits your vibe.

We aren’t kidding when we say we tested hundreds of products and spent months lathering, scrubbing, slathering and spritzing to weed out the duds and find the very best. And whether you’re a body wash or bar soap guy, are rocking short or long hair, growing a beard or shaving clean every day, we found all the top-notch products to make your routine the best it can possibly be. Grooming in 2024 is a game of choose your own adventure and these are the essential tools to help you make the most of it.




Bobby Doherty

Best Shampoo

H2-Whoa! Hydrating Shampoo

Eva Nyc H2-Whoa! Hydrating Shampoo

Infused with hyaluronic acid and violet rice water, this rich-lathering shampoo leaves even super dry hair feeling fresh, clean and hydrated.

Best Conditioner

White Deep Conditioner

FRESH by Houston White White Deep Conditioner

Our testers loved how even just a little bit of this ultra-moisturizing conditioner left their hair feeling smooth and healthy without a hint of greasiness, thanks to the cocoa and shea butters in the formula.

Best Thickening Shampoo

Thickening Volume Shampoo

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Volume Shampoo

Even just one wash with this shampoo noticeably pumped up the volume of our testers’ hair and gave it a healthy-looking shine.

Best Curly Hair Cleanser

Supply Detox Shampoo

Bread Beauty Supply Detox Shampoo

This fragrance-free shampoo deep cleanses your hair, leaving it “squeaky clean” according to one tester, while still preserving and hydrating curls.

Best Curly Hair Styler

Define & Hold Flex Gel

Marc Anthony Define & Hold Flex Gel

This innovative lotion-gel hybrid helps shield hair from humidity to keep “curls together for days without crunch or frizz,” said one of our testers.

Best Hair Paste

Cream Pomade

Odele Cream Pomade

Just a dab of this pomade gives all hair types texture and flexible hold with a natural, matte finish and, since it’s water-based, it washes out easily with no residue left behind.

Best Thinning Treatment

Hair Formula RX

Curology Hair Formula RX

This dermatologist-developed serum is customized for your unique hair and scalp using clinically-proven ingredients to treat hair loss and promote regrowth.

Best Texturizer

Texture Spray

Alterna Texture Spray

Not only does this spray give your hair lightweight texture and volume, but it also has a little bit of hold to keep it in place all day without adding more products.

Best Hairspray

Please Hold

IGK Please Hold

Finish off your style with this flexible hold spray that protects hair from humidity without turning it into a helmet or making it crunchy.

Best Deep Conditioner

intense hydration mask

JVN intense hydration mask

When your hair needs extra attention, switch out your conditioner with this amino acid-packed cream, leave it on for three minutes, and rinse for smoother, hydrated and healthier-looking hair.

Best Wax

Glued Spray Wax

Got2B Glued Spray Wax

Instead of clumpy wax, use this multi-purpose spray that can either deliver flexible texture or high-hold structure to your hair, depending on which position you turn the nozzle.

Best Pomade

GRASP Intense Hold Shaping Balm

R+Co GRASP Intense Hold Shaping Balm

This balm delivers the high hold you want in a classic pomade (perfect for slicked back styles) but is way easier to apply. Pro-tip: a little goes a long way.

Best Home Clipper

enVISION Cordless Clipper

Andis enVISION Cordless Clipper

The 7,000 rpm motor in this pro-grade clipper slices through even the thickest hair with ease and the 21 attachments allow for a dizzying amount of lengths and styles.

Best Scalp Scrub

Exfoliating Scalp Scrub + Shampoo

Jack Black Exfoliating Scalp Scrub + Shampoo

Sub this in for your regular shampoo once or twice a week to let its exfoliator clean and sweep away buildup.

Best Styling Cream

Conditioning + Defining Cream

Oars + Alps Conditioning + Defining Cream

Our tester raved that this cream made their hair soft and provided a natural hold.

Best Hair Serum

Damage Reverse Serum

Virtue Damage Reverse Serum

Apply a few pumps of the keratin-packed serum daily to repair, strengthen, and smooth damaged and frizzed hair.

Best Multi-Use Product

3-in-1 Chamomille + Pine Shampoo, Condition­er and Body Wash

American Crew 3-in-1 Chamomille + Pine Shampoo, Condition­er and Body Wash

This time-saving trio has a fresh yet soothing scent that isn’t overpowering—or too blah.


Bobby Doherty

Best Hand Cream

Big Sur After Rain

DS & Durga Big Sur After Rain

Lightweight, yet still super moisturizing, this hand lotion not only has a fresh, eucalyptus scent that keeps you coming back for more, but it’s in a bottle that you won’t be embarrassed to leave out.

Best Body Acne Treatment

The Body Acne Solution

Nécessaire The Body Acne Solution

This powerful serum spray is packed with 2% hyaluronic acid which makes quick work of squashing breakouts anywhere on your body. One tester saw improvement in his back acne within a week of using it.

Best Body Lotion

Paradiso Del Sole

Lumira Paradiso Del Sole

With a subtle citrus scent and a lightweight texture, this lotion moisturizes skin without greasiness and blew away the competition.

Best Body Exfoliator

10% AHA + Yerba Mate Smoothing Energy Body Scrub

Youth To The People 10% AHA + Yerba Mate Smoothing Energy Body Scrub

With the aid of both chemical and physical exfoliants, our testers were impressed by this scrub that left their skin smooth but not scratched.

Best Ingrown Treatment

Brightening Ingrown Hair Wipes

EWC Brightening Ingrown Hair Wipes

No matter where you manscape, use one of these easy to use pads to treat and prevent ingrown hairs with the aid of salicylic and glycolic acids.

Best Body Powder

Damp to Dry Powder

Esker Damp to Dry Powder

The combination of arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, rice powder and silica in this powder instantly absorbs sweat and moisture and helps prevent chafing.

Best Bath Product

Magnesium Chloride Flakes:

Nuebiome Magnesium Chloride Flakes:

Now 62% Off

Add these magnesium flakes to your bath to help condition skin and relax muscles after a hard workout (or just because).

Best Foot Product

Clean Sole Foot Scrubber

Tweezerman Clean Sole Foot Scrubber

Stick this to the bottom of your shower to easily scrub and exfoliate your feet, leaving them smooth and callous-free without even bending down.

Best Lotion

Total Package Replenishing Body Lotion Mineral SPF 30

Versed Total Package Replenishing Body Lotion Mineral SPF 30

This moisturizing, skin-nourishing rub-on is the smoothest sunscreen we’ve found—ever.

Best Body Wash

Method Men Glacier + Granite

Method Men Glacier + Granite

This rich-lathering wash uses plant-based moisturizers to keep your skin soft and smooth after cleansing.

Best Tattoo Product

Revitalizing Stick

Hustle Butter Revitalizing Stick

The travel-friendly stick has shea butter, coconut oil, and sunflower extract to make tats pop like brand-new.

Best Spray

Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30

Pipette Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30

It’s made to be safe for babies, so this ultra-gentle formula is suitable for the most sensitive skin. Plus, the mineral offers supreme protection from damaging UV rays.

Best Antiperspirant

Midnight Clas­sico Stick

Dove Men+Care Midnight Clas­sico Stick

This sweat stopper kept us bone dry for hours, and the moisturizing vitamin E prevented any irritation.

Best Body Tool

The Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra

Manscaped The Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra

Cordless. Easy-to-swap length guards. Interchangeable blade heads for smooth finishes. No joke.

Best Multipurpose Stick

Whole Body Deo Aluminum-Free Deodorant Stick

Dove Men+Care Whole Body Deo Aluminum-Free Deodorant Stick

Not only does this deodorizing stick help prevent odor and curb wetness, but it can also help prevent chafing.

Best Deodorant

Gen­tleMan’s Total Body Spray

Old Spice Gen­tleMan’s Total Body Spray

This aluminum-free mist is good for your pits but also formulated for anywhere else below the neck. (Yes, even there.)

Best Budget Bar Soap

Plant Powered Exfoliating Charcoal + Clove Oil

Dove Men+Care Plant Powered Exfoliating Charcoal + Clove Oil

Small in price, mightyon skin—a plant-based cleanser with essential oils (olive, jojoba, argan, coconut, and sunflower).

Best Exfoliating Bar Soap

Exfoliating Peppermint Soap Brick

Flamingo Estate Exfoliating Peppermint Soap Brick

When you need extra exfoliation, reach for this large bar that uses natural poppy seeds to gently remove built-up dead skin leaving your body feeling ultra-smooth and fresh, thanks to the invigorating peppermint scent.

Best Lathering Bar Soap

Body Bar Moss

Nécessaire Body Bar Moss

Pick this up for the hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B and amino acid-packed formula of this bar, keep using it for the ultra-rich and fresh-smelling lather.

Best Luxury Bar Soap

Nurture Bar Soap

Aesop Nurture Bar Soap

There’s a lot of shea butter in this bar soap, which leaves your skin feeling super smooth and hydrated, as well as clean, but the fancy woody scent is what really makes using it a luxury experience.

Best For A Lather

Clean Impact AXD1 Body Scrub

Atwater Clean Impact AXD1 Body Scrub

Our tester loved this bar’s exfoliating action and generous lather, as well as how it left their skin feeling clean but not dry.

Best For Smelling Awesome

Ltd Res No. 18: Cloudland Bar Soap

Fulton & Roark Ltd Res No. 18: Cloudland Bar Soap

This triple-milled bar soap landed on the list thanks to its smooth, lightly exfoliating lather alone, but our tester also praised its “woodsy and musky” scent.


Bobby Doherty

Best Cleanser

The Cleanse

ILIA Beauty The Cleanse

Our tester said this foam went on light but removed dirt and oil with minimal effort.

Best Antioxidant Serum

25% Vitamin C + Glutathione Clinical Serum

Paula’s Choice 25% Vitamin C + Glutathione Clinical Serum

This skin brightener has two active ingredients, yet it never feels intense or irritates.

Best Serum

Better Screen UV Serum

Kiehl’s Better Screen UV Serum

Now 25% Off

Its high-level SPF 50+ protection also contains a collagen peptide, which helps reduce signs of sun damage over time.

Best Acne Treatment

Adapalene Gel 0.1%

Neutrogena Adapalene Gel 0.1%

The prescription-strength retinoid improves acne so effectively that one tester noticed breakout-prone skin clearing up within a week.

Best Acne Mask

Rapid Relief Acne Sulfur Mask

Murad Rapid Relief Acne Sulfur Mask

Its sulfur, salicylic acid, and peat work to reduce greasy buildup, help prevent blackheads, chill out redness, and heal pimples—all in just a few uses.

Best Eye Patches

Even Smoother Glycolic Retinol Hydra­Gel Eye Patches

Peter Thomas Roth Even Smoother Glycolic Retinol Hydra­Gel Eye Patches

These patches depuff bags and brighten dark circles, and their glycolic acid and retinol smooth fine lines and other signs of aging.

Best Face SPF

Skincare UV AOX Elements Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Tinted Sunscreen

EltaMD Skincare UV AOX Elements Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Tinted Sunscreen

Our tester said the high SPF felt “strong” yet still comfortable to wear all day. The tint ensures no white residue.

Best Anti-aging Serum

Cell Cycle Catalyst

SkinCeuticals Cell Cycle Catalyst

This multi-acid complex boosts the speed at which your skin cells turn over, aiding in exfoliation and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Best Moisturizer

Stabilizing Repair Cream

Dermalogica Stabilizing Repair Cream

This neutral, fragrance-free moisturizer hit just the right balance with our testers. It made their skin feel and look hydrated but not greasy and was rich but sank into their skin quickly.

Best Night Cream

Alpine Rich Cream

Ursa Major Alpine Rich Cream

This cream may be rich, but the plant-based formula doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on your skin. Rub it in at night to wake up with healthy-looking skin.

Best Scrub

Vitamin C Ester Brightening & Exfoliating Polish

Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Brightening & Exfoliating Polish

Use this fine-grain, Vitamin C-packed scrub once a week to gently exfoliate away dead skin and leave it brighter and smoother without the risk of scratches.

Best Exfoliator

Apple Mint AHA BHA 10%

Goodal Apple Mint AHA BHA 10%

Now 30% Off

Testers saw brighter, clearer skin after just one use of this powerful exfoliating serum that gently removes built-up dead skin and debris with the aid a cocktail of natural acids.

Best Pimple Patch

Magnesium Microneedle Patch

Hanhoo Magnesium Microneedle Patch

Stick on one of these patches when you feel a pimple forming deep inside your skin and the microneedles deliver magnesium and other ingredients to kill it before it reaches the surface.

Best Eye Cream

Soothing Under Eye Stick

ITK Soothing Under Eye Stick

As one tester said, “this thing performs.” Swipe it under your eyes to instantly hydrate, depuff and perk up tired eyes and best of all, it’s portable.

Best Lip Balm

Cicaplast Levres

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Levres

Just a few swipes of this gel-like balm helped heal even the driest, chappiest lips of our testers who loved the lightweight texture that didn’t make their mouths feel greasy or slimy.

Best Hydrating Serum

Ceramidin Skin Barrier Serum Toner

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Skin Barrier Serum Toner

This multi-use gel takes the place of both a toner and serum in your routine by smoothing your skin, balancing your skin barrier and moisturizing at the same time.

Best Brightening Serum

Oxy-R Peptides

Medik8 Oxy-R Peptides

The powerful combination of peptide and oxyresveratrol in this daily serum brightens dark spots and overall skin tone with lightning speed.

Best Toner

 Universal Skin Solution Dermal Spray

Prequel Universal Skin Solution Dermal Spray

Spritz your skin whenever you want with this toning mist with hypochlorous acid to not only hydrate it, but also calm it down and reduce redness and irritation.

Best Retinol

Advanced Retinol + Ferulic Perfectly Dosed Retinol

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Advanced Retinol + Ferulic Perfectly Dosed Retinol

Swipe one of these idiot-proof pads over your face at night to deliver the power of retinol to your face and all its anti-aging, skin-evening and brightening properties.

Best Sunscreen Stick

SPF 50 Super Stick

Vacation SPF 50 Super Stick

Carry this sunscreen stick wherever you go for easy application (and reapplication). The sunscreen goes on clear and glides over your skin with no need to rub and is packed with skin-beneficial ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and ceramides.

Best Face Tool

TheraFace LED Mask

Therabody TheraFace LED Mask

Using three kinds of light – red LED, blue LED and infrared – using this mask for a few minutes a day can help reduce signs of aging, improve skin elasticity and fight bacteria that can lead to acne. Plus, it gives a great stress-reducing face and scalp massage at the same time.

Best Mineral Face SPF

SONNY SPF 40 Face Serum

Ware SONNY SPF 40 Face Serum

Testers enjoyed how easy to wear this lightweight mineral-based SPF is and the slight tint not only means there’s no white cast, but it also helps even out skin tone for a picture-perfect finish.


Bobby Doherty

Best Razor

Safety Razor

Dr. Squatch Safety Razor

The balance on this blade leads to an easy, close shave. One tester reported that it was “the best designed safety razor I have tried.”

Best Shave Cream

Shave Cream

The Shop Shave Cream

This surprisingly thin formula poofs to a lather and provides an especially smooth shave no matter the razor type.

Best Beard Oil

Small Batch Beard Oil

Every Man Jack Small Batch Beard Oil

The trifecta of jojoba, squalane, and avocado oils helps this stuff stay lightweight. The smoky, woodsy scent is nice, too.

Best Beard Balm

Sensitive Face & Beard Moisture Gel

Nivea Men Sensitive Face & Beard Moisture Gel

This non-greasy gel packed with chamomile extract and Vitamin E not only moisturizes and smooths your beard, but can be used on our face to help curb redness and irritation.

Best Aftershave

Post Shave Balm

Every Man Jack Post Shave Balm

With menthol and aloe vera, this balm instantly calms down redness and soothes irritation, all with a nice, spa-like scent and cooling sensation.

Best Beard Wash

Beard & Face Wash

Harry’s Beard & Face Wash

Instead of using a separate wash for your beard (or worse, no wash at all), use this for double duty on both your beard and face for a fresh, deep clean.

Best Detailer

Style Detailer Precision Trimmer

Dollar Shave Club Style Detailer Precision Trimmer

Neatly clean up sideburns, mustaches, beard lines and even ear and nose hair with this handy multi-purpose, waterproof and rechargeable tool.

Best Beard Trimmer

Beard Trimmer Pro

King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer Pro

Between the rotary dial and the two comb attachments, this cordless trimmer provides an incredible 40 different cutting lengths, allowing you ultimate control over your beard style.

Best Beard Conditioner

Beard Conditioning Spray

Harry’s Beard Conditioning Spray

Unlike goopy balms and greasy oils, this lightweight leave-in spray instantly conditions dry whiskers for a silky smooth finish, plus hydrates the skin underneath.

Best Electric Razor

S9000 Prestige

Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige

The triple blades of this razor are effective yet still gentle on your face thanks to special SkinComfort rings and our testers loved the large battery life display.


Bobby Doherty

Gentleman Society Eau de Parfum

Givenchy Gentleman Society Eau de Parfum

Notes of cardamom, sage and vanilla add a depth and mysteriousness to the woody base of this modern and sophisticated fragrance.

Bottled Elixir

Hugo Boss Bottled Elixir

This strong, masculine elixir of cedar, incense, patchouli and spices is confident and warm without being overly aggressive. Wear it in the winter with a perfectly-tailored wool topcoat.

Originals Type 1

Guess Originals Type 1

The fresh, crisp, green vibes of this lightweight fragrance come from a bouquet of citruses, herbs, florals and grassy vetiver.

Pour Homme

Brunello Cucinelli Pour Homme

Cypress and herbs make you feel like you’re in Italy—for far less than the plane ticket to get there.

Parfumeur L’Etrog Acqua

Arquiste Parfumeur L’Etrog Acqua

Citrus and wood combine for a luxury scent you can wear anywhere.

Acqua di Giò Parfum

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò Parfum

Now 40% Off

This fresh, aquatic cologne feels like a beach trip in a bottle.

Spicebomb Infrared Eau de Parfum

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Infrared Eau de Parfum

There’s a slight sweetness to this scent but the infusion of cinnamon, red pepper and tobacco that dial up the spice and sultriness of this statement-making fragrance.

Sea Salt + Driftwood

Huron Sea Salt + Driftwood

Now 37% Off

This lightweight aquatic scent is nostalgic yet modern at the same time.

Classic Homme Eau de Toilette

David Beckham Classic Homme Eau de Toilette

This woodsy, spicy scent is strong—in a very good way.

Unknown Legend

Good Chemistry Unknown Legend

Eucalyptus, violet, and charcoal give the fragrance an herbal, desert vibe.

1 Million Eau de Toilette

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Eau de Toilette

Warm and spicy, this cologne is bold and unexpected.

Guilty Elixir de Parfum Pour Homme

Gucci Guilty Elixir de Parfum Pour Homme

Leather and vanilla give this cologne a sweetness that’s anchored in spices. Wear it day or night.

Ralph’s Club Elixir Spray

Ralph Lauren Ralph’s Club Elixir Spray

It’s black tie in a bottle: lavandin, sage, patchouli, leather. Fancy.


Bobby Doherty

Best Toothpaste

Vitamin C Whitening

Hello Vitamin C Whitening

Now 30% Off

Instead of the usual hydrogen peroxide, this peppermint toothpaste leverages vitamin C to whiten your teeth.

Best Mouthwash

Charcoal Mouth Rinse

Moon Charcoal Mouth Rinse

This alcohol-free rinse left our tester’s mouth feeling clean and fresh without any burning or dryness.

Best Whitening Product

BLU Professional Sonic

GoSmile BLU Professional Sonic

Pop in the mouthpiece, go do something else for two to five minutes, and pop it back into its charging station. Hands-free!

Best Water Flosser

Cordless 3000

Philips Sonicare Cordless 3000

Quad-stream technology(!) ensures that this power flosser covers more area in less time, with three intensity settings.

Best Flossing Tool

Electric Flosser Starter Kit

Slate Electric Flosser Starter Kit

Delivering a more effective floss than traditional flossing alone, this powered tool allows you to effectively clean between teeth with less effort.

Best Toothbrush

iO Series 10

Oral-B iO Series 10

Our testers agreed with the claim that this toothbrush gives you a professional clean every day because their teeth felt polished and super clean after each use, even on the “sensitive” setting.

This article originally appears in the May/June 2024 issue of Men’s Health.


Styling: Ted Stafford.
Prop styling: Andrea Bonin.
Hair: Yu Nakata.
Makeup: Evy Drew.
Director/Executive Producer, video: Dorenna Newton.
Editor, video: Josh Archer.

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