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Fidesz MEP Hidvéghi Slams Brussels Corruption

Balázs Hidvéghi, an MEP of the governing Fidesz party, was asked about the corruption scandal – also known as Qatargate – in the European Parliament by daily Magyar Nemzet.

According to Hidvéghi, “the European Parliament is very seriously detached from the electorate and from external control.” “A corruption machine has been exposed. It cannot be expected that those who were the creators and beneficiaries of this system will now dismantle this machine themselves,” he said.

“These are unserious proposals that at best only scratch the surface. They are not sufficient,” Hidvéghi said, reacting to the 14-point proposal presented by Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament.

According to the information that has come to light so far, corruption in Brussels goes very deep in the EU institutions,”

he explained. “A much deeper introspection is necessary and political consequences should be drawn,” the MEP stressed. According to Hidvéghi, “we see with a classic case of political influence-buying, external forces buying political influence for a lot of money, partly among politicians, partly among NGOs, within the Soros network, but also in the media.” “This practice then becomes embedded in political decision-making in Brussels. That is the problem. This will not be remedied by proposals on how to restrict the entry of former MEPs,” he explained.

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