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From X-Wife to Wolf Manhattan: João Vieira celebrates 20 years in the music industry

Growing up in Porto, musician João Vieira began his career in 2002, playing as a DJ known as DJ Kitten and co-founding the group X-Wife with Rui Maia and Fernando Sousa.

Now he’s back making music with a new alter-ego: Wolf Manhattan.

“X-Wife was a dream come true because it was the first project where we were signed by a label and had a record deal,” Vieira tells Euronews. 

“I’d had two experiences before. One in Portugal, one in London. The third time I got a contract with a project that’s now 20 years old and it turned out to be a very important milestone in my musical career.”

White Haus

This isn’t the first time Vieira has switched things up. With his solo project, White Haus, Vieira began making beats for the dancefloor. And it took him to France, where he stayed, produced, and performed his music.

“On White Haus, I decided to bet more on the French territory. From my own experience, I realised that you can’t tour everywhere. It’s better to focus on one country. In France, I went to a festival and took a music seminar in Paris. One of my songs was selected for the teaser at Mama Fest (2017), a festival in France. Out of 180 groups, they chose a song by White Haus.”

Wolf Manhattan

When the pandemic broke out, the distance between the band members made it difficult for X-Wife to continue. And, in a room accompanied by few instruments, Wolf Manhattan was born..

The self-titled Wolf Manhattan album is already available. Viera’s first show under his new name will take place at the ZDB venue, in Lisbon, on the 28 October.

And on 3 November, he plays in his hometown of Porto at the Auditório CCOP. He then plans to bring the tour around Europe very soon.

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