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Hans-Georg Maaßen Declares Europe is Being Overrun by Woke Ideology

The former head of Germany’s domestic security agency, Hans-Georg Maaßen, talked to the Hungarian weekly Mandiner about his impression of Viktor Orbán, Hungarian conservativism, and the war in Ukraine. 

“My impression is that Fidesz and the Hungarian conservatives are a kind of bulwark in this increasingly insane European world, which is overrun by woke ideology and the new socialism,”

Hans-Georg Maaßen, the former president of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), Germany’s domestic security agency, told the weekly Mandiner.

Speaking about a recent panel discussion with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in Berlin organized by German outlets Berliner Zeitung and Cicero, he said he felt a little ashamed of German journalists who almost apologized for inviting Orbán, “as if he was not a welcome guest.”

“I was very impressed by the openness and directness with which Mr. Orbán answered all the questions in a really thoughtful and professional manner,”

Maaßen said, who is also a politician of the Christian democratic CDU party.

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According to him, Orbán’s words resonated well with many people, for example on sanctions, the ceasefire, and family policy. “But he disappointed many people in one respect: Orbán acted as the Hungarian prime minister and not as the leader of the European conservatives, as many would like,” Maaßen added.

Speaking of the war in Ukraine, the German politician said that he agrees with Viktor Orbán that “this is not a bilateral war, so it has to be seen in a global context.”

“It is a proxy war between America and Russia. It is also clear to me that the Americans do not want an armistice and do not want negotiations for the time being. Unfortunately, this is our big problem, because we are the biggest victims of this war, along with the Ukrainians,”

he explained.

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