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International organisations and more than 50 countries pledge €1 billion to Ukraine

More than 50 countries and international organisations at a conference in Paris have pledged €1 billion in aid for Ukraine to keep the country powered, and fed.

They heard from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on what his country needs to survive the freezing temperatures and Russian attacks on its energy infrastructures.

“When the energy stability of Ukraine is guaranteed for the entire winter period,” Zelenskyy said. “when it is guaranteed that there will be no new waves of mass migration from our country to your countries, it will also be guaranteed that no strikes, no blackouts, no search for weapons somewhere out there in Iran or elsewhere will help Russia.”

Ukraine estimated its immediate needs at some €800 million. Its friends more than fulfilled their expectations.

Catherine Colonna, French Foreign Affairs minister read out the list of support.

“€415 million for energy, €25 million for water, €38 million for food, €17 million for health, €22 million for transport, and €493 has not yet been allocated. I hope I haven’t done the maths too fast. The total is just over a billion euros,” Colonna said.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister, Denys Shmyhal, present at the meeting, welcomed their efforts. He thanked them for their support and said that Ukraine would not fall into “darkness” this winter.

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