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Oprah Winfrey's annual 'Favorite Things' list is here; see array of items from home décor to children's toys

With a swift transition into November, celebrities and influencers alike are reminding everyone of the impending holiday season, and Oprah Winfrey’s annual “Favorite Things” list is out for public consumption.

The billionaire business mogul and television host has a bevy of items, ranging from $16 to $900. Broken up into categories, Oprah makes it easy to shop for consumers.

Oprah curated a list of 104 items from big name retailers to small vendors. She said she wanted to put an emphasis on “family-run, local makers, BIPOC [Black, Indigenous, People of Color] – and woman-founded” businesses. 

Here is a glimpse of what the 68-year-old is loving right now.

Oprah Winfrey revealed her annual “Favorite Things” list, full of home accessories, clothing, and gifts for children. (Gilbert Flores/Variety  / Getty Images)


In terms of clothing and accessories, Oprah is known for her unique, statement-piece eyewear. On her list of favorite things are the Peepers by PeeperSpecs Take a Bow Readers, which retail for $29.

Peepers by PeeperSpecs glasses

Oprah, known for her unique glasses collection, recommends these glasses to her readers. (PeeperSpecs / Fox News)

Oprah says of the product, “I often pick my glasses to match my outfit, and these specs are terrific. Used as readers or to filter the blue light from your devices, the oversize frame with tortoise on top and color on the bottom will flatter most faces. At $29, you might want to treat yourself to a pair, too.”

The most expensive piece of clothing on the list is a women’s jumpsuit, or onesie, made by Rivet Utility. Retailing at $295, Oprah says, “A jumpsuit is my living, working, traveling uniform. I think I own more jumpsuits from this L.A. brand than any other. This one is made from the softest French terry. And since it zips up and down, bathroom breaks are a breeze.”

A grey jumpsuit from Rivet Utility

Oprah’s most expensive article of clothing on her Favorite Things list is a jumpsuit from Rivet Utility. It retails for $295. The brand is a small business out of Los Angeles. (Rivet Utility / Fox News)

Shifting to appliances, of which there are several, Oprah does not skimp out on her coffee maker, selecting the De’Longhi Magnifica Evo Espresso Machine as her choice. “Latte? Cappuccino? Macchiato? Whatever strikes your fancy, this machine is like having your own personal barista at home with you,” she writes of the $900 product.

Delonghi Coffee Maker photo with coffee

Oprah’s favorite coffee machine is not inexpensive, coming in at $900. (Delonghi / Fox News)

Pizza ovens are all the rage now, and Oprah also recommends a high-priced selection in this category, with the Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven at $700. “This pizza oven lets you bake restaurant-grade pies from the comfort of your backyard. Attach it to the gas burner, or use the wood-burning function — the choice is yours,” she says.

Solo Stove Pizza Oven picture

Oprah has hopped on the pizza oven at home train, suggesting this $700 item from Solo Stove. (Solo Stove / Fox News)


Anyone looking to indulge in a relaxing night at home, Oprah suggests a bubble bath. A repeat item on her list, Oprah says, “I’ve picked Margot Elena’s bubble baths a few times before because the extra-large glass bottles are so gorgeous. This year’s blends smell of grapefruit and neroli, green tea and willow, and rose hip and lavender.” They cost $42.

Picture of different containers of bubble baths

Oprah shared her favorite bubble bath: Archive by Margot Elena. (Margot Elena / Fox News)


Staying beneath the self-care umbrella, Oprah included reusable makeup remover pads on her list. She says, “If you, like me, have ruined a few towels from washing off makeup, then you need these eco-friendly, reusable makeup removers.” This is the least expensive item on her list, retailing at $16.

Although she does not have children of her own, Oprah takes kids into consideration with these stuffed animals from Warmies. The unique part is you can heat them up. She calls them “a soothing gift for the young and not-so-young. Pop one of these stuffed animals into the microwave to warm it up, then cuddle its weighted body and inhale the scent of lavender. They’re great for stress or tummy aches.” They cost $24.

Stuffed animals for your child that you can warm up

For young children, Oprah added these stuffed animals from Warmies that you can heat up in the microwave. (Warmies / Fox News)

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