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Pizza Hut is finally selling slices — with a twist

New York
CNN Business

Pizza Hut is getting more personal beyond its personal pan pizzas.

For customers who find ordering a whole pie daunting, the chain is offering its version of individual slices with a new menu item called Pizza Hut Melts. For $6.99 per slice, the new option is actually two slices of its Thin N’ Crispy pizza folded together, filled with toppings and cheese and baked to “melty perfection,” creating a calzone-like meal.

“Unlike most pizza dishes, Melts were designed for a pizza party of one, giving guests the option to enjoy the delicious taste of pizza without having to order a whole pie, whenever or wherever they want,” Pizza Hut said in a press release. Melts are available to order beginning Tuesday.

The slices come in four different versions, including pepperoni, buffalo chicken, chicken bacon Parmesan and meat lover’s, and are served with a marinara or ranch dressing dipping sauce.

Pizza Hut experimented with selling individual slices in 2014. However the concept failed to expand beyond the test at just a few locations at the time. Rather, the chain has found more success by adding different pizza toppings and crusts.

Pizza is a competitive space, with customers often shifting their preferences depending on deals and new menu items. Pizza Hut sales at its global restaurants fell 3% in its most recent quarter compared to a year earlier. Pizza Hut is owned by Yum Brands, which also controls Taco Bell and KFC.

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