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President Novák Urges Europe to Wake up

The relationship between Hungary and the EU, the global political situation in Europe, and the enlargement of the Western Balkans were also discussed in a recent interview with President Katalin Novák.

There is no Hungarian future without Europe, just as there is no European future without Hungary, emphasized President of the Republic Katalin Novák in an interview with Portfolió on Saturday.

On the relationship between Hungary and the EU she said Hungary is not simply “Western-oriented”, but has been an integral and inalienable part of the West for at least a thousand years. She is not happy about the tug-of-war between the European Commission and the Hungarian government but agrees that the country’s sovereignty must be protected. The president stressed that

Hungary demands the same “full” membership and respect for Hungarians as is due to citizens of any founding or future accession country, a proper seat at the Brussels table.

“It would be good if we could finally return to cooperation based on mutual respect. This certainly requires compromises,” she stressed.

The head of state said the EU had weakened rather than strengthened over the past decade. It has lost ground to the United Kingdom, lagging behind the United States and Asia in terms of foreign policy, demography, and competitiveness.

While a new world order is emerging, Europe has forgotten common strategic thinking, focusing on ideological issues. We need to wake up,”

she pointed out.

Novák said we need to pay attention to the changes in world politics and their effects, but we must stop the practice of letting someone tell us what we should or should not do, how, and when. “We are an independent, sovereign, adult nation with values and interests. We need to take these into account first and foremost, and thus increase our room for maneuver,” said Katalin Novák. She stressed that it would be good to find our way back to pragmatic cooperation with the United States and that this also applies to China. The president pointed out that it is in Hungary’s interest to be able to talk to both the ally America and China, and to the West and the East.

On relations with the Balkans, Katalin Novák said that the values of the Balkan countries are European values, and their culture is European culture. “We can help the security and stability of this region if we preserve the sovereignty of each country, but if they are part of our federal system,” she explained, adding that the people living there are increasingly losing enthusiasm because they see that, despite their long struggle, full membership is still a long way off, even though it is in their interest and ours.

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