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President Novák Visits the Border with Vucic and Babis

Two presidents and a presidential candidate visited the Serbian-Hungarian border. Katalin Novák, Andrej Babis, and Aleksandar Vucic called for action against illegal migration.

Hungarian President Katalin Novák visited the Hungarian-Serbian border with her Serbian counterpart, Aleksandar Vucic, and Czech presidential candidate and former Prime Minister, Andrej Babis on Thursday.

Speaking to journalists at the Kelebia border crossing, Katalin Novák stressed that the border is a symbol of sovereignty and “a guarantee that we can maintain our security”.

When we protect the Hungarian-Serbian border, we also protect Europe, together,

she said. The president explained that in order for Europe to remain an island of peace in the long term, it is necessary to distinguish between illegal immigrants and refugees. “Hungary will provide every assistance to refugees from Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war, more than a million of them have arrived,” she reminded.

Katalin Novák stressed that Hungary is taking the strongest possible action against illegal immigration.

Migration pressure is increasing, with 261,000 people trying to enter Hungary illegally this year, twice as many as last year,

she warned. According to the president, the number of people smugglers is increasing and those trying to cross the border illegally are becoming more aggressive.

Andrej Babis stressed that illegal migration is organized by people smugglers, who collect billions of euros from those who flee their countries or who are persuaded to leave their countries with the promise of a better life. He pointed out that

Hungary faced huge criticism in 2015 when it built the fence protecting its border. Since then, everyone has changed their minds.

The Czech presidential candidate welcomed Croatia’s accession to Schengen, but called Austria’s veto on Romania and Bulgaria’s entry incomprehensible.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that Serbia has taken two measures to combat illegal migration: it has stopped issuing visas to citizens of four countries (Tunisia, India, Guinea-Bissau, and Burundi), in line with the EU’s request, and has reinforced the protection of the northern Macedonian and Bulgarian borders.

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Featured photo via Facebook/Novák Katalin

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