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Speaker Kövér: “The EU has already lost the war in Ukraine”

László Kövér, the Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament, compared the European Union’s situation in connection with the war in Ukraine to Hungary’s fate after the First World War.

Hungarians, “caught between a cliff and an abyss” in the 20th century, can offer their own experience to Europe, which is on the brink of an abyss in the 21st century, László Kövér, the Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament said at an event near Budapest in Piliscsaba on Sunday.

At the ceremony of the unveiling of the bell of National Unity, the Speaker stressed that in a century, the Hungarian nation has “climbed its own cliff,” it has managed to avoid the fate that its opponents had destined for it. “Hungary has proved once again, through its achievements and results over the last hundred years, that it is never impossible to climb the cliffs overlooking the abysses in history and politics,” he added.

Kövér recalled that as one of the losers of WWI, Hungary was condemned by the winning powers to political subjugation, economic unviability, military vulnerability, the Hungarian nation to humiliation and disunity, and more than three million Hungarians to the loss of their national identity. “We Hungarians condense all this into one word: Trianon,” he said.

According to the politician, “the European Union, unable to prevent the outbreak of war in Ukraine politically, unable to restore peace diplomatically, and acting against its most basic economic interests under external pressure, is already a loser, regardless of which of the warring parties declares itself the victor.”

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“Non-European interest groups and private powers are condemning the European Union as a whole and each EU Member State individually to military vulnerability, political subjugation, weakness in economy and energy, financial indebtedness, plunder, and social disintegration,” he explained. “They want to dissolve the identity, Christian faith, and communities of European nations so that they can manipulate, expropriate, and ultimately abolish their democratic states and colonize Europe without resistance,” Kövér added.

Featured photo via MTI/Kovács Tamás

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