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Viktor Orbán Attends Gala Held on Slovakia’s 30th Birthday

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his wife Anikó Lévai attended the Saturday gala held in Bratislava on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of independent Slovakia.

According to the statement, Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger invited the prime ministers of the Visegrad Group countries – Viktor Orbán from Hungary, Petr Fiala from the Czech Republic, and Mateusz Morawiecki from Poland – as their spouses to the event held in the building of the Slovak National Theatre.

Slovakian Prime Minister Eduard Heger greets his Hungarian counterpart, Viktor Orbán

“After the fall of communism, in 1993 Czechoslovakia split into independent Slovakia and the Czech Republic, both have since become our allies,” Viktor Orbán reminded on social media. “30 years ago we got the chance to build a V4 cooperation based on mutual respect and interdependence. We should cherish it,” he added.

At the ceremony, speeches were delivered by Slovak President Zuzana Caputová, Speaker of the National Council of Slovakia Boris Kollár, and Petr Fiala.

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Photos via Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda/Fischer Zoltán

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