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Viktor Orbán Meets Olaf Scholz in Berlin Today

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will hold talks with Olaf Scholz on Monday in Berlin. The next day he will attend a discussion organized by leading German media outlets.

“Germans and Hungarians alike have Europe at heart. This is true even if we do not agree on all issues and think differently about certain things,”

Balázs Orbán, the Prime Minister’s political director wrote on Facebook ahead of Viktor Orbán’s visit to Berlin.

The Hungarian Prime Minister will hold talks with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Monday in Berlin. According to a statement by Wolfgang Büchner, the Deputy Spokesperson of the German Federal Government, the two heads of government will have talks about European politics as well as about bilateral, economic policy, and international topics, focusing on the response given to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the war and the related latest developments.

Büchner stressed that maintaining intensive talks with “all EU and NATO partners” was crucial for the German government. “It is important to find common ground on which we can work together. But to do this, it is essential to have a dialogue on the current state of Europe,” Balázs Orbán wrote.

On Tuesday, Viktor Orbán will be the guest of the newly launched press discussion series “Storm over Europe – the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis and geopolitical challenges”, organized by Berliner Zeitung and the conservative political magazine Cicero.

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The Hungarian Prime Minister holds talks with Olaf Scholz in Berlin on Monday.Continue reading

Photo via Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda/Fischer Zoltán

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