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Viktor Orbán Not Planning to Hang up His Coat Yet

Viktor Orbán in 1990

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán held his end-of-year press conference on Wednesday and was asked how long he plans to remain active in politics.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was asked by Telex about his future plans at a press conference on Wednesday, as he turns 60 next year.

The prime minister said that “he follows different mathematics,” as he has been in opposition for 16 years and next year will mark 17 years in government, which he “does not consider satisfactory”.


Viktor Orbán entered parliament in 1990, at the age of 27, as a member of Fidesz. His party was in opposition until 1998 and then in government for four years until 2002, then back in opposition for eight years. Fidesz came back into government in 2010 and has since been re-elected three times, each time with a two-thirds majority.

He also said that in his profession, you never know “how long you can last”. There may come a day when he feels he has “aged 100 years”. But “the Lord will decide, we do not have to be overly smart,” he noted.

Photo: Hungary Today/Daniel Deme

Telex also asked him if he sees anyone in Fidesz who could be his successor. “I see only such people,” Orbán said, “you have to move carefully there”.

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Featured photo via Fortepan / Szalay Zoltán

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