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Viktor Orbán Rules Out Energy Shortages

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán shared his thoughts about the energy shortages. He accused the EU of making its own life difficult.

“Europe has run out of energy,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán warned in a Facebook post on Saturday, citing his speech at the inauguration of the Bosch Budapest Innovation Campus last week.

“What there is must be brought in from elsewhere, because we cannot function without energy; and energy is the alpha and omega of innovation. A further problem is that the energy coming into Europe is expensive,” he explained.

“Despite this, we need to fight against fundamentalist greens and bureaucrats engaged in geopolitical games. They must be persuaded – and this argument is a real battle – not to rule out from the list of possibilities a range of energy sources: coal, nuclear, and gas,” the Prime Minister stressed.

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According to Orbán, for political reasons, “we are in the process of abandoning the use of various energy sources, thus making life more expensive for ourselves and handicapping our industries in global competition.” “Few continents are in as difficult a situation as we are; but only our continent is making life so difficult for itself,” he noted.

Viktor Orbán stressed that Hungary will not experience energy shortages. “This is not a prediction, but a statement of fact. Hungary will have natural gas and it will also have enough electricity,” he emphasized.

Featured photo via Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda/Fischer Zoltán

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