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Viktor Orbán’s Meme About Eva Kaili Makes Critics Furious

According to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s meme, the Qatargate corruption scandal is rather ironic from a Hungarian point of view.

Eva Kaili’s suspension from the post of European Parliament vice president last Sunday did not go unnoticed in Hungarian politics. The Greek socialist MEP was detained last Friday as part of a “corruption probe into alleged illicit lobbying activities by Qatar”, Politico reported.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán greeted the European Parliament with a meme on Monday morning:

As noted by several Hungarian conservative public figures and politicians on social media, it is ironic that a huge corruption scandal has erupted in the European Parliament – with at least one left-wing politician involved – while it regularly accuses Hungary of systemic corruption and violations of the rule of law.

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Daniel Freund, an MEP of the German Greens – who often criticizes Viktor Orbán on Twitter – was quick to react and accused the government of corruption. Freund is often mocked by Hungarian conservative media for being “obsessed,” with the Hungarian prime minister. While many Twitters users agreed with Orbán, his critics were angered and reacted similarly to Freund.

Featured photo via the European Parliament

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