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“We Must Fend off One Last Attack from Brussels,” States Viktor Orbán

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave an interview on Radio Kossuth on Friday, in which he discussed the election of the new head of state, as well as migration, war and Sweden’s accession to NATO.

Head of State

The Prime Minister justified the nomination of Tamás Sulyok, president of the Constitutional Court, as head of state on the basis of his experience, his expertise in constitutional and legal affairs, his knowledge of international law, his “rotation” in the international arena, his knowledge of the nature of political institutions and his prestigious career. “Legally speaking, the prime minister proposes the president of the republic, as the rules of the parliamentary group stipulate, however, in reality it is not a one-person decision, but a lengthy consultation process,” he said.

He added that the resignation of the head of state “still makes one’s heart bleed,” but that the president had given her grace in a case where the only correct decision would have been to say no, he underlined. It is a case “where the decision of the head of state and the opinion of the people were in sharp contrast.”

He stressed: in a decent country like Hungary, what happened in the Bicske children’s home, and what the presidential pardon case brought to light, cannot happen. He said that all such institutions should be scrutinized to see whether the current managers had passed the appropriate aptitude test, whether they met the conditions and whether this covered everything. He added that this should also cover lifestyle, sexual deviancy, psychological compliance.

People who are a danger to children should not be allowed to work in schools, nurseries or children’s homes.”

The Prime Minister said that order must and will be put in order in this area, that he will personally monitor this work and that he wants to conclude it with appropriate decisions.

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Viktor Orbán pointed out that there is a “midlife crisis” in Brussels, as the European Parliament’s mandate expires in June, and the issues of LGBTQ, migration and war have been raised. Hungary has to fend off one last attack, it is not so much time, there are elections in June, he said. The Prime Minister believes that there is broad agreement on LGBTQ issues in Hungary, but the situation is a bit more divided on migration. He recalled that George Soros published a plan in 2015-16, the infamous Soros Plan, which contains exactly the proposals that are now in the work plan of Brussels: migrant ghettos should be created, at least a million people should be brought in every year, and migration should be managed, not rejected.

In the radio interview, he also noted that there are several other countries that do not support pro-migration rules.

There were some who were brave enough to oppose them, such as the Slovaks, while others said no by abstaining or objecting to certain parts, such as the Czechs or the Poles – although the winds are different there – and the Italians are also sensible, while the Greeks are also suffering.”

War in Ukraine

On the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Prime Minister said that in war, it is the ability and the consequence that is important. “There is no military solution to the conflict, we need a peace process that will bring this conflict to an end and at the same time create a Europe for us that is viable in the long term.” He stressed that a ceasefire and peace must be pursued, because Russia cannot be brought to its knees by military force.

On whether the European Union’s position could change, he said that

he expects public opinion to settle the issue. He does not see leaders he knows coming to the conclusion that they have made a mistake and misjudged the situation.

He believes that sooner or later someone will have to say “I made a mistake.” That is why they are looking forward to the U.S. presidential elections, after which they hope the current president will leave, Donald Trump will return and he will be given a free hand to make peace.

Sweden’s NATO-accession

Asked about Swedish NATO membership and the Swedish Prime Minister’s visit, he said there were pending military weapons issues and he understood the parliamentary group’s resistance, but that they should be given time to build confidence. He pointed out that it must be accepted that we are not all the same. “Sweden has different values from Hungary. Hungary is a country with a Christian culture and Christian values are fundamental in our society.”

Obviously there are clear differences in values between the two countries, but this can be managed. We do not want to tell the Swedes how to live, and if they do not want to tell us how to live, then the door is open for cooperation,”

he said.

He went on to say that they are not entering into a marriage, but a military alliance, meaning that if one side is attacked, the other will come to its aid, and this can be done on different value bases. “Sweden and Hungary are able to cooperate on a basis of interests, and this will be sealed on Friday, and on Monday the Hungarian Parliament can ‘curve’ the last signature,” Viktor Orbán concluded.

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Via MTI, Featured image: Facebook/Orbán Viktor

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